Open Hardware Random Number Generator

OneRNG is a reliable and Open verifiable USB-connected hardware entropy source & random number generator.


OneRNG is an entropy source / hardware random number generator (HWRNG), connected via USB to your computer.

It is an Open Hardware design, using Open Source/Free firmware.

This allows you to fully verify the operation of the device, to modify it to fit your uses, and to design your own devices using parts of our existing proven solution.

By default, it will feed entropy into your Operating System's existing RNG facilities, improving the quality of the random numbers used by your software.

Buy it now

The V2 OneRNG is currently for sale on the Moonbase Otago eshop.

You can buy the normal external version, as well as a board intended to be mounted directly on the motherboard, inside the case.

For those who wish to upload their own firmware, a programming unit is also available.

Current State

The original Kickstarter campaign was funded to ~450% of the target, and all units have been delivered. Thanks to all our backers!

All of the Kickstarter goals have been, if you haven't reeceived your order please get in touch.

OneRNG is currently for sale on the Moonbase Otago eshop.

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